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ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is an international professional association focused on IT Governance organized a seminar on securing financial sector in Bangladesh in association with Dept. of Software Engineering.
Program Date: 13 March, 2016
Place: DIU Auditorium
Keynote Speaker: Mr. Nazrul Haider, President, ISACA, Dhaka Chapter
Presided by: Dr. Touhid Buiyan, Academic Advocate and Head, Dept. of SWE


ISACA Student Groups (ISGs) encourage education beyond the classroom by allowing students to network and learn from each other, and connect with a supportive group of professionals. ISG gives students the opportunity to get to know ISACA by interacting with professionals at events sponsored by the university and the local chapter. By participating in an ISG, students gain knowledge and experience that moves them ahead of the competition when they graduate.


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